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Yamaha Kodiak 700 In The Snow

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The Kodiak 700 is even attracting the younger riders and he seems to be enjoying himself in the snow.

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Was expecting doughnuts or some kind of winter stunt. :grin2:
Not sure if the Kodiak 700 is a good starter ATV but it's good that the model is attracting a diverse market.
Sure looks like a lot of fun with how wavy the land is, too bad there aren't any hills since that would make it even more fun.
Is it possible to install tracks on the Kodiak?
Yup, I've seen it on the older Kodiak models so you can install them on the Kodiak 700 too. The Camoplast Tatou 4S should fit and people seem to like them.
Some current Grizzly's are running tracks. Once more of these are on the market, more up north where conditions are more than ideal for tracks, we should see them showing up here.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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