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Pushing the Sport UTV envelope

Some interesting information about Yamaha Side-by-Sides was found in its recently released 2015 annual report.

While Yamaha refers to the YXZ1000R as the industry’s “only true pure sport side-by-side ever developed,” it appears it plans to push the pure sport envelope even further.

Swincar E-Spider an Electric Off-Road Vehicle Like Never Before + Video Part of the annual report is an interview with Hiroyuki Yanagi, the president, chief executive officer and representative director of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., which contains the following interesting tidbit:
“Under the new MTP (Medium-Term Management Plan), we will pursue the growing world of personal mobility by continuing the development of products in the ‘third-vehicle category’ which incorporate our leaning multi-wheel (LMW) technology used in the TRICITY line announced in 2014, to fully achieve a pure sports ROV.”

The Tricity is a three-wheel leaning scooter. Here is how it works, according our sister site, Motorcycle.com:

“Yamaha’s LMW mechanism uses a parallelogram link design to allow the two front wheels to tilt while maintaining a constant distance between them. Each front wheel has its own cantilever telescopic fork, with the tubes running on the inside of the wheel.”
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