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When I bought by Kodiak 700/2018 i did also invest in an workshop manual.
I did install it om my prime computer PC that runs Win 7. To start with it worked ok, but after half a year or so I cant open it any longer. It works in Win 10, but not on Win 7.
When I click the model type just this funny noise comes, but no manual.
I guess that Microsoft have changed something in their updates, but cant figure out what. Anyone have some tip?


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Are you trying to run the CD or did you download it onto the computer?

If you downloaded it you might even try deleting it and then reinstalling it and see what happens.

Which ever way you did you might try the other one. I am only running 10 and it works fine for me. I haven't tried it on my XP machine yet.
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You may want to try copying it to a USB thumb drive and then try opening the file on your computer that鈥檚 on the thumb drive. If that doesn鈥檛 work try the thumb drive on another computer. If it doesn鈥檛 work on the other computer, then your file may be corrupt or something.
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