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I just purchased my new bike 2018 kodiak 700 se a few months ago to replace my 450 and because of my riding needs I needed a windshield for my winter riding . My 450 had a windshield also but it was a Yamaha universal one which served the purpose but after adding mirrors to the rack it was a pain to adjust mirrors.

For those of you looking for a windshield and don’t like the ones Yamaha is offering on the U.S and Canadian sites I found this one from a Canadian manufacturer that filled all my requirements. Where I winter ride I require mirrors and this ended up being my best solution as the space on the bars was very limited to what more could be added. I posted some pics in the gallery section under kodiak450.

I just installed it this week and I am very happy with the product and installation went well although some of the instructions and pics could be explained a bit better but overall it went well.

The manufacturer is VIP Air windshields . When you google it they give both U.S and Can prices.
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