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Where can i buy OEM online?

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The local dealer is about a hour away, i need to do a oil change soon can anyone suggest a online shop to buy OEM parts?

I know the parts are sold on amazon but a lot of that stuff is not genuine. I'm also looking for the parts diagram.

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PartsZila has it but they will kill you for the shipping.

Do you have the 20year engine warranty or another reason to purchase factory oil and filter?

I just use Valvoline ATV oil and a Wix filter, but I don't have that 20 year warranty either. I'll switch to Shell Rotella this summer on my next change.
I did find them when searching, i don't know about the warranty it's less than a year old.
Look at your invoice or call your dealer and ask them if you have it.

I think that you you have to pay for it to get it. The warranty covers anything that oil normally touches, but nothing else.

It's my personal opinion but I think that Yamaha Lube is a good oil it is over priced.
Rocky Mountain ATV may also carry Yamaha oil change kitd
I made the trip to the dealer and they gave me a 5dm-13440-00 filter the one on the ATV is a 5GH-13440-61.

Are these interchangeable? One is shorter than the other.
Just updated parts, as long as it fits onto the nipple and seals up you are fine.
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