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Warning Label Dimensions

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Does anyone here in this forum maybe has the dimensions of the warning labels?
Hoping someone here already CNC'ed some custom warning plates because I can't find them anywhere on the internet for the Kodiak.
I live in Europe and the warning labels are only on the Kodiak for the US market.
Here, we do not need to have them.. so replacing them would give it an overall nicer look.
(Officially allowed to ride on public road.. Kodiak is registered for 2 person use... and also minimum age is 18..)

So is there someone who already did this and would like to share the dimensions of the plates together with the location of holes and radius?

Thank you very much in advance.
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Are you asking about the warning labels riveted to the panels? Can you place an order here?
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Hi Rollin,

Yes, but I want some custom ones because in Europe they are not mandatory.
Luckily I now found a German company who can make them for me.
They are also selling the Grizzly versions on ebay, so if I send them my current labels, then they will use those dimensions to create some custom Kodiak versions.
I'll post them as soon as I have them...

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