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Tri County trails in SW Wisconsin

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Has anyone ever been on these trails? I'm going to do the Cheese country trail this Friday and Saturday just curious how well the trails are, and if they are marked well. As well as the routes in the town's and side routes right off the cheese country trail. Also of anyone in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa area wanna join me your more than welcome to come cruise around the trail system with me. Thanks everyone!
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I'm interested about these trails as my daughter lives in WI, and I'll pass the info along to her.
I have her three wheeler right now, but plan on shipping it to her as soon as she has a place to store it.
You should check out the Minnesota SE trail, it starts at Stockton and goes west.
I did the trails from Monroe WI to Darlington WI a few years ago. Pretty basic trails, it's an old railroad line but still decent scenery, just not much for mudding or anything like that, more of a relaxed ride. That said, I will probably do it again this fall sometime just to get outside and see the fall colors and have a good bar burger in Darlington
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So here's the update on the trail. I went from Mineral Point to Darlington then proceeded to take the roads to Belmont and find the trail in Belmont and went back to Mineral point. Yes they are very relaxed trails and it's nice to not have to wear a helmet. I was really hoping for more hills and scenery but I might have to wait until the fall colors, it appeared to be like an old railroad they just took the tracks and ties off, it was very flat and uneventful. With that said there was a ton of wildlife in the trail in the middle of the day. Cows, deer, squirrels, saw 2 fox. It was a fun ride for sure just not what I was hoping for. I will have to head north and hit some more WI trails! Take care everyone!
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