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Trailer Advise

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Anyone have trailer advise Steel,Galvanized, aluminum )???I have been looking at 5 by 8 galvanized .Aluminum are expensive:grin2: but are they worth the extra $$$$$ Thanks
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I have a 5'x8' Angle Iron trailer. Not too worried about rust because it stays in my garage unless I go to the camp. Would've preferred a longer trailer, but it needed to fit snug in my garage.
i have a 5x8 steel angle trailer and i recently welded up a gate for it specifically designed for my kodiak. see attached.


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I have a 6/12 x12 powder coated black with mesh drive up ramp. Two of the side rails remove to become side drive up ramps. I can fit two Yamaha 700's on it. 1800.00

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