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Tailpipe Smoke

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Hey all,
I just ran my machine for a very brief ride after not having run it for a few days. Let it warm up for about a minute. Got ti back in garage and noticed after shutting it off that there was some smoke coming from tail pipe. No smoke when running, just after turning off. New machine and I have not noticed it before so maybe it's just the first time I'm seeing it. Thoughts?
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Noticed mine the first time I ran it also....figured it was exhaust paint or the like from inside the system burning off as it had that type of smell.
Has the problem persisted or was it just a one time thing?
Went by the dealer over the weekend (half off sale on all parts accessories and toys) Told the guys about the smoke and they stated between break in fluids and metal getting heated up and "seasoned" it was normal. It has a metal welding smell more than an oil burning smell so not too concerned. Didn't notice it yesterday after an hour ride.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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