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Before I get yelled at I did search the forums and I couldn't find my answer. So about half the time I go to ride(kodiak 700 eps)I hit the gas and it cuts out like it's in override. I also notice the H light isn't lit up on my dash board. I know about the plunger but isn't that just for starting it? I've fixed it but not exactly sure how I did it and it continues to do it here and there. I let other people ride the quad so it's a little embarrassing it's a brand new quad and I constantly praise yamaha so I need to get this fixed. Is there a simple fix?

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If it is brand new take it back to the dealer

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The situation where the Neutral Switch Assy is failing is when you are riding along and the R light illuminates at the same time the speed limiter activates, feeling like you鈥檝e lost power. The R light only illuminates while your machine loses power, then R light goes out and power is back. I would be very shocked if a new machine like yours has already fouled the Neutral Switch Assy. I had this happen to my 07 Grizzly 700 about 3 years ago, so it was about 11 years old with ~4K miles. I had owned the machine for 4 years and can鈥檛 say what the previous owner had done to it.

For your machine, I鈥檇 probably be looking at draining the fuel tank and also looking at the fuel pump and fuel pump pre-filter sleeve. You could have dirty fuel and/or a clogged sleeve or worse, a failing pump.

If new, agree, take it back under warranty.
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