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On my Kodiak 400 2001, that never has caused me an single problem, I had to pull of the flywheel some time ago, due to sheared wedge.

Even if the flywheel has turned on the crankshaft almost 180 Deg, it was really hard to remove.
However I succeeded and al come loose with an "BANG"

Now the problem....The one way starter assembly located behind the flywheel did follow and fall onto the ground.....
Well. some of the "teeth" in the ring did fall out. I carefully did clean them and put them back into the ring in the correct direction/position. But I get a bit worried when I found some incredible small springs, mau
springs in the device, maybe 2x2x2mm size.
Some of these spring did fall out when I did put the "teeth" back, and I could not figure out how they should be installed so I just removed at least 2-3 of them.

Anyone having a comment or explanation for this??
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