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There's a squealing sound coming from the area of the clutch i think, anyone know what that might be? (see video) And also why do you think it looks like a mouse exploded inside the ultramatic case?

The video is just after opening it, no fluff was removed or changed, and there's a lot of it stuffed back behind the belt area too.

for the video, put USk5HDT-fbQ after /watch?v= on youtube. Why the heck can't I just link the video in the first place?

EDIT: Looking deep in there with a flashlight, it did indeed seem a family of mice moved in and exploded into fluff and nest materials. Cleaned out all the fluff and mice and it still squeals, so I think they damaged something in there.

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I didn't watch the video but I will guess that the squealing is the drive belt slipping. Does it get louder depending on the speed you are going?
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