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Ok, new to these forums but thankful to seek out your wisdom. I have a 2000 Kodiak 400 4x4 that was given to me. It had a newly rebuilt engine and after 10 minutes of running it made a very loud metallic grinding noise that happens continuously. The guy gave it to me saying if I could fix it, it was mine.

I opened it up and found the secondary sheave grinding against the housing because the sheave spline was worn and loose. I replaced the sheave and it was very tight with no play in it. After 10 minutes the new sheave started grinding.

My question: I seem to have read somewhere that sheaves wear out quick due to them not engaging fully due to a washer being out of place or not used after a rebuild. Does anyone know about this? Which washer and what should I look for? The engine is powerful and runs great except for this problem. Thanks for your help.
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