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Recently a few ATV accidents has made it onto the news and with hunting season coming up, ATVs and four wheelers will be out in force. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported a staggering number of fatalities over the years with 426 Canadian ATV-related fatalities in 2013 alone and an estimated 99,600 ATV-related, emergency service-treated injuries in the United States.

To stay safe while riding, here’s a few golden rules from the ATV Safety Institute:

• Always wear a DOT-compliant helmet, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, over-the-ankle boots, and gloves.
• Never ride on a paved road except to cross because you could get hit be another vehicle.
• Don’t ride under any kind of influence.
• Never carry more passengers than the vehicle was designed for.
• Ride only on designated trails at safe speeds.

The Kodiak 700 may not be as punchy and aggressive with its power delivery as the Grizzly but accidents do happen. What riding precautions are you taking?
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