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Running lean

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I've had my I Kodiak for about 2 weeks now and I can tell it's running lean. Ive read on here that they come from dangerously lean from the factory to meet government emissions regulations.

I've never owned a fuel injected Atv before. All my jetting and AFR knowledge is from carbs and comes from past experiences (good and bad), trial and error, and plug chops. I can feel a tinny hollow bog when I hit the throttle. That screams lean from everything I've ever done or experienced. I've also noticed this bike's exhaust gets really hot.

I'm new to the whole fuel optimiser modules and such. I do feel this bike could be running a bit more fuel right now in the middle of summer, let alone when it's 40°s colder outside.

Has anyone else ran an optimiser just on a stock setup? From what I get out of reading about them, you change the fuel rates at different places in the throttle curve? I m wondering if when it comes programmed for just some minor intake and exhaust upgrades be enough to make a stock bike run better and cooler?

Any input or ideas are greatly appreciated!
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I added an hmf optimizer and slip on and it really woke this bear up.
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i read about these bikes running lean and getting a little warm on the legs but I haven't experienced this yet. I'm probably still going to get a slip on and optimizer.
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Was planning on doin the same mods in the future. My bike isn't showing any overheating issues that I notice as of yet but the more I learn the better incase. I know emissions regs are necessary but would Yamaha risk possible engine overheating and damage to meet them? I mean it's nice to be able to buy the optimizer, but customers shouldn't require an optimizer to prevent overheating. Just sayin.

Ps: sorry for double post. Didn't notice first one had worked
Did not have any overheating issues with stock pipe but after putting on performance pipe had over heating and running very lean. Have had no issues with optimizer on.
What hmf optimizer did you install on your Kodiak? The only one I could find for the Yamaha 700 was for a Grizzly and when I ran the compatablility program it said it was a no go for the Kodiak. I don't know if I have had an overheat problem with my 700EPS, as it doesn't develop upper cylinder clatter or high coolant temp. I have only used mine to plow snow this past winter and didn't notice the leg heat up but when it is cold a fellow might not. If my Kodiak isn't suffering any malicious problems I might leave it alone as I don't need to go real fast at my advancing age. LOL:grin2:
Check out EHS Racing for engine tuning/optimizing. Also quite a bit of information on this subject on the "other" forum grizzlycentral.com.
I personally don't mind the extra heat ...? I installed a temp gauge and the temp never exceeded 210 F -only when idling. When moving at any speed over 5 MPH its usually just bellow 200 F. In most instances I liked the extra warmth - when riding in 40 F and below it's nice:) . That is SO FAR , I did'n get to ride in any days on 80 F and over.
Thanks for the responses guys. I'm going to order the EJK controller today and give it a whirl. Ill note how everything behaves and make a thread about it in the next week or so.
Den. Found the optimizer right on hmf Web sit,it came preprogrammed to match the slip on.
Thanks for the responses guys. I'm going to order the EJK controller today and give it a whirl. Ill note how everything behaves and make a thread about it in the next week or so.
Good luck, keep us posted, looking forward to what you'll have to report.
According to USPS, my optimiser is sitting in the post office! Hopefully I can get it installed tomorrow night, then get some seat time in Saturday to report my findings.
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