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I am approaching 20 hours to fully complete the break-in period on my 2019 700 EPS SE that was purchased last August. While my quad is in the shop for the 20 hour service, I might as well swap out the tires. My stock Maxxis MU19/MU20's are 2 ply bias and measure just under 24.5" at 5psi. This is definitely a want and not a need, as these tires have performed well for me so far.

As I plan to ride a little more aggressively and more often after break-in, I don't want to take a chance with an easily-avoidable puncture or easily getting stuck. Or blowing a tire at high speed. Especially since I can now finally go over 75% throttle and not have to constantly vary the speed :)

My riding is mostly recreational trails and around the farm. Woods, gravel roads, rocky trails and pavement. I will be riding to the trails more than trailering the quad to the trails. Nothing too technical and no steep mountains. We get a lot of snow in the winter as well, but I don't plow with the quad. I will be hunting throughout the year with it (pulling deer/bear/moose out of the woods as well as just getting to and from different spots). Some of my hunting locations have very long stretches with absolutely nothing around, so getting back in one piece is important. Some of the woods and hunting trails have the occasional mud hole and ruts, but I don't go looking to play in the mud by any means.

I've seen some great posts on here about highly regarded models like Zillas, Reptile Radials, Big Horns, Big Horn 2.0's and Bear Claw HTR's, but I'd like to focus mainly on the power loss experienced after using these tires

I love how torquey the Kodiak is and how easy it can wheelie. I don't want to rob too much power from it. Just make it more capable overall. I'm not a particularly large guy at 5'11" 190, so I doubt 20 extra lbs of total tire will make much of a difference. That being said, I have added a rear cargo box full of equipment, 2 aluminum skid plates, and plan to add a 2500 winch (about 20 lbs). I would like to avoid clutch mods, spacers, etc. which is why I ruled out heavier tires like the original Big Horns, Reptile Radials and Pitbull Growlers. I'm looking to keep the 12" OEM aluminum wheels as well.

Here's what made the short list:

Maxxis Big Horn 2.0 - 6 ply radial
25" - about 14.4 lbs heavier total than stock
Pros: Run about .5" large, light, longer wearing
Cons: Heard they can stray a bit at higher speed due to the lug pattern

Maxxis Zilla - 6 ply bias
26" - about 17 lbs heavier total than stock
27" - about 18.6 lbs heavier total than stock
Pros: Light, good in snow and a little mud
Cons: Run about 1" small, not as good for rocky or harder terrain, will wear faster

Kenda Bear Claw HTR - 8 ply radial
25" - about 24.4 heavier than stock
Pros: Run about 1" large, excellent puncture resistance and long tread life, love the aggressive look
Cons: Heard they can cause lots of vibration at higher speeds, rougher ride, most expensive...over $120 more than the Zillas

Does anyone have long or short term experience with the above models? Suggestions for other brands are welcome.

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I have the 26” Zillas on mine and noticed no power loss. They wear like iron so not sure why you think they wear fast.
Thanks for the response. I guess what I meant was they would wear faster than the other 2 (radials). Great to hear they are wearing well for you. It's a tough call so I'm happy for the input.
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I have 27" zillas with no clutch mod's and she'll still pick the front up off the line. I feel no power loss and I love the traction and clearance.
Sounds like a great setup. One of the reasons I chose the Kodiak was for its nimbleness as I'm often in tight sections of woods. Don't want to have to make a lot of 6 point turns. Do you find a significant increase in turning radius with the 27's being 2" wider than stock? Is the quad any more tippy?
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