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Hey Guys,

So last weekend I went out riding with some buddies at some pit we know about. And embarrassingly enough, I ended up tipping the quad over on it's side whilst trying to do a donuts. Scratching the fender pretty badly and breaking one of the clips that latches onto the front bull bar guard. I already ordered a new fender and it's on it's way. Now I haven't taken any fenders off before, but how exactly will I need to take out the key starter and the 12V adapter? I'm new to quads (as you can tell, trying to be a hotshot) Do they just twist off? Do I just pull them out from underneath? Any type of help or suggestions would really help out. I've had the thing for a month and I already ****** it up. The amount of shame is pretty unbearable right now. I want to fix her right away, I feel so bad.

Thank you.
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