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Anyone else have this problem? I have a 60 inch Moose mid mount plow set up and I was getting rear wheel hop plowing heavy deep snow about 15 inches. Seems like with this set up the machine got front heavy, so I put 100 pounds of weight on the rear rack and that fixed the problem. This is my 3rd new Yamaha 4x4 ATV that I had over the last 15 years and I must say everyone has been Great with out any problems. I love this Kodiak it is the best machine I have had or driven.


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Plowing that much snow I would suspect some wheel hop or them just spinning when you get into the snow.

More weight on the machine will help a lot when bucking deep snow with a plow.

The last time that I had to plow through around 18" on my 2000 Kodiak I had to get a run once I had pushed enough of it to wards the dump area. My 230 lbs and the machines 600 lbs just wasn't enough to buck through it.
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