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Good evening!

Have a question about a rear brake issue. First, I'll set the stage.

I have a 2005 Kodiak 450 4x4. Rebuilt it a year ago. Didn't mess with the brake system.

Brake cable was loose. So I tightened it. Rode it for about :10 and started smelling a burning smell.

Next thing I know, I have no rear brakes and my brake pedal goes to the floor, without any resistance. The handle bar grip is seized in place. It shifts gears fine. Transmission is good.

What I've done:
Replaced the pads, disc and wheel hub. Checked the tension on the handle pull. As I move it, the pedal moves accordingly. But still, the pedal barely has resistance.

When I took the caliper off and depressed the brake piston, then did the handle bar grip or the pedal, the piston moved outward. But barely.

Reinstalled everything. Checked the cables again. Checked the brake fluid level on the handlebar, its full. Still...no rear brakes at all.

My next thought is to replace the caliper? Maybe that was the burning smell? But that's a $200 fix. Wanted to get everyone's thoughts before I spent more money on it.

Thank you all!
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