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Radiator hoses

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I am researching the aftermarket gauges to install on my base Kodiak.
Does anybody know what is the ID of the radiator hose? The engine temperature sensor is inserted in one of those hoses and I need to mach the sensor barbs with the ID of the hose.

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I bought Trail Tech Vapor and the same model that fits the Grizzly 700.
I hooked up everything but the the radiator hose so far and it work great. I will try to do the hose tonight and post some pics.
I am really happy with how it came out.
The model for the Grizzly does not fit the Kodiak, I tried it today and am forwarding the measurements to trail tech. They are sending me a new sensor for the hose, everything else works fine.
I installed the speed sensor on the left wheel shield. I remove one bolt out of the rotor and replaced it with the magnetic bolt. I will try and get some pics up tomorrow. I didn't look for a ID on the hose, just got the diameter.

Have you done anything with your wheels and tires?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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