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Poor braking with sealed rear wet brake?

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Seen Grizzly guys express concern about this with the 450's, what are the chances this still is the case with the Kodiak?

From promotional material the Kodaik 700 seems to have great stopping power.
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well for sure you're going to get poor braking performance from anything if you're using the rear brake exclusively...
Is this the issue where the rear brake gets stuck or were they just not stop[ping fast enough?
would it be possible for you to link to where Grizzley owners are complaining about braking issues? Would be helpful to know just how they quantify poor braking performance...
I browsed around other forums and found mentions of this. One person couldn't get the rear brake system to bleed out and another person's brakes locked up. Not sure if these were the issues offroader is referring to.

the rear wet brake isn't like having a set of discs, but bear in mind this bike was build for utility..

front brakes are great as expected from disc, the rear work well.. just don't expect disc brake performance..
If you squeeze the handle hard enough it will lock rear tires..

rear brake is cable actuated.. no bleeding
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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