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Plow Set-up Recommendations

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Looking for feedback on a good plow setup. I need winch, the whole deal. I know winter is a ways off, but want to start planning/saving. Front mount is what I believe I'm gonna go with. Warn? KFi? Should I have dealer do set-up? Any input appreciated... Thanks. Love to hear what you all have been using and what you like/dislike.
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I have a KFI 2500# winch and a Cycle Country 50" blade for mine. This works for me. I have looked at a couple different brands of snow plows and they are all basically the same system. The difference in the winches are the price and whether it has steel cable or Kevlar fabric; mine is fabric. Concerning whether the Warn winch is better than the KFI, I don't know but I bought the KFI because it didn't bite the wallet as hard, and like I said my KFI works. I mounted the set-up myself, I lifted the front of the Kodiak and rolled it onto the rear rack with a piece of cardboard under it to put the heavy plow mounting plate on and it sure made it easier than trying to do it on the ground! The winch mount wasn't the one that came with the winch. I bought both the blade and the winch through Motox.com and they sent a separate package with another winch mounting plate that had a place to mount the winch solenoid. I called KFI and asked whether mounting the solenoid that low would cause water problems and they told me as long as I didn't hit the solenoid with a power washer it would be fine, and so far no problems at all. Also, I shortened the wires running from the solenoid to the winch, they were really long and I didn't want to try to wire tie it all out of the way, and I used some universal cable ends that crimp on. The only stickler with mounting the winch is making sure the wiring doesn't get into anything that could damage it, but this isn't that hard. Hope this helps, Den
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Warn 2000 lb winch, Moose 60" county blade, RM4 front mount. Worked great last winter
Where can I locate a Front Mount Plow Kit that includes all... Blade, Front Mount, Winch Mount and Winch. Or where would you recommend I shop for the individual components. Is there anything else I need? I'd like to get everything in one place - plow stuff anyhow. Winch I can shop around... Thanks.
I'm running a Warn 2500, Cycle Country Mid Mount with 52" Cycle Country blade. Used this setup on my 05 Kodiak for 2 years and now 2016 Kodiak as well so everything is interchangeable.
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