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I just bought a '17 Kodiak 700 EPS a few months ago.

I bought it because I have a '00 Kodiak 450 that I think is the best quad ever made!

So far, with only about 120 miles on the 700 I'm on the fence if I should have bought another 450.

I test drove both at the dealership and I thought bigger is better and the price was only about $700 higher. The 700 has considerably more power.

That bigger motor and chassis seem to make for a lot of heat and doesn't let me into a lot of places that the 450 goes.

Also, the '00 seems to have a better build quality.

Does anyone else have both as well? What are your thoughts?

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I had a 2000 400 Kodiak and when I compared them side by side and the factory measurements there wasn't that much difference as far as dimensions with the 700 being slightly longer and a bit wider.

The 700 does put out a lot more heat. I just place some heat reflective tape on the rear fender above the muffler and need to take it for a ride to see if it cooled that area down any. The other air vents that come out right at you left leg also might need to get dealt with, but what I found is that if you are moving just a little bit faster you shouldn't notice it. At least I didn't the other day when I was actually paying attention to it. I have thought about getting a 12volt fan and figuring out a mounting system to place in that area to see if it will dissipate the heat a little bit faster.

Over all and after riding the 2000 for 17 years I like the 700 better. It has it quirks but there are work around's on the problems.
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