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Hi All - I am new to ATV's and recently purchased a 2018 700 SE. I went to the dealer to pickup oil for the 20 hour maintenance and was informed that Yamaha was going to 15W50 Synthetic. It is not listed in the manual so I wanted to check and see if you had any info. I know it is probably better than the 10W40, however, I like to follow the book. Most of my use will be occasional plowing snow (above 20 degrees) and working around the yard. Thanks.

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What does it call for in the manual?

On mine it shows that 15w50 shows that you should run it between 50 degrees and 125 degrees F. Which for my opinion a too heavy of a oil.

I run Valvoline full synthetic 10w40 in temperatures from -20 on up. My manual shows that weight go go from 10 degrees up to 110 but it is just fine when the temperatures drop below zero.
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