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Not getting fire to ignition switch!!

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Okay guys help me out here. Took my 96 400 on a run and got back home and shut it off. Came back a few minutes later to ride again and noticed the neutral light wasn’t coming on. So I figured eh maybe a dead battery. Nope. Grabbed a jumper wire probe and put it on the + terminal of the battery and the + pin on the rear of the switch. It worked. So I tested for power going to the switch with a test light and nothing. What controls the power to the ignition switch ? Is there a fuse related system ? Does it have anything to do with CDI or what ? I’m lost and can’t find anything on the internet related to the matter.
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There is a main fuse somewhere on it but I have no idea of where.

On a old 350 Big Bear it was under the seat on the frame rail.

I'll look on a old 2000 manual I have for a Kodiak and see if it says anything.
Here is the fuse box with what fuse is what on a 2000, no idea if it is even close to what is on the 96

Also check the kill switch

Here is also a link to a user manual for a 98, they don't go back as far as the 96 but it looks quite similar. On pages 8-35 and 8-36 it tells you where the fuses are located at.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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