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Noise from clutch housing

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New 700 with less than 5 hrs. Maybe it's normal, but my 700 makes a knock or rattle sound from the clutch area. First time I rode the machine I thought a rod was going fly through the side. After listening closer the sound is coming from the clutch housing. Can get it in neutral and slightly revving the engine, or at light throttle while riding. Anybody else notice this knock/rattle?
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Does it sound like this? Granted it's a different year and model but it'll give everyone an idea of where to start.

The sound is similar, however not as loud or constant like your example. With the machine parked, I've got to play with the throttle and get right rpm range to get the rattle. When riding, light throttle always causes it to rattle...accelerating too but depends on the terrain. Coasting, throttle closed, it's quiet.
My 700 Kodiak EPS doesn't make the noise you describe or any other noise except exhaust sound. I think you need to return it to the dealer. Maybe something was left untightened when your machine was assembled.
mine makes the same noise, i think its just moving parts, i have probably 60 hrs on the quad
Talked to the dealer about it. Taking it over there tomorrow to let him listen to it. If the noise is normal in these Kodiaks I'm okay with it, but if mine has noise where others don't I want it fixed. He has other Kodiaks at his shop, plan to compare with mine if he'll allow. Let y'all know how it goes.
Keep us updated! I think there may be a problem is Den's Kodiak isn't making the same noise.
Took the wheeler back to the dealer Saturday. Explained my noise to the mechanic and before I could finish explaining the guy said I know exactly what noise you're talking about, let me ride it. Came back and told me they all have that noise to some degree. We looked at the clutch parts diagram and he says he believes the source is the clearance between the ribs on the primary sliding sheave and the sliders. Says there isn't much play between the two but with the added weight on the Kodiak clutch it seems to be causing some noise. They spoke with Yamaha about a similar noise issue on a two seater (forget the model) and got no remedy.
It all made sense to me and I'm okay with it, but I told the guy I got to listen to another Kodiak to completely put this issue to rest. Said no problem, and we when out to the barn to try a new camo Kodiak they have in stock. No key, and we couldn't find it anywhere. No one else there but us. Next Saturday I've got to go back there to pick up some parts I ordered, will give that other Kodiak a try then.
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That mechanic is a keeper. Odd that Den doesn't hear it but if the sound won't cause any problems down the road, I guess it's okay. Maybe you can get a new clutch isntalled? Since it came from teh factory with that sound, I assume it's under warranty as manufacturer's faulty workmanship.
Doubt Yamaha would do anything about the noise, saying it won't affect reliability. That's the canned manufacturer response to such issues these days, and it may be true, but by the time you know for sure you're long past warranty. Seeing as though the degree of noise can be different from machine to machine, I see this as a parts quality control problem. If you happen to get a clutch assembled with parts closer to exact tolerances you get a quiet machine. If you get a clutch assembled with parts on the minus side of part size tolerances you get a noisy machine. Replacing clutch parts may or may not help depending on the parts they send you. Guess if happen to get a quiet one consider yourself lucky, if yours is noisy like mine just have to grin and bear it. If you're looking at buying a Yamaha wheeler, you might want to take it for a spin before handing over the check.
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Guess if Yamaha wasn't going to fix the two seater, they won't do it for the Kodiak either. If you're going back this Saturday to test out one of their other Kodiak, you can always ask if any problems came later down the road for the two seater that has this problem.
Can get it in neutral and slightly revving the engine, or at light throttle while riding. Anybody else notice this knock/rattle?
Can you take a short video and upload it so we can compare with our machines?
Ever figure this out mine has same problem but mines an 450 it’s got brand new stock piston in it piston rod is good and valves are set idk what it is it starter when I got stuck badly in quick sand and my back breather hose was off so idk if rock in the belt box or what here video Tapping
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