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New SE to go with old SE

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Just picked up my new 2016 Kodiak Special Edition. I also have a 05 Kodiak SE that's still running strong. When I heard that the kodiak was back I had to get one. :grin2:
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Welcome to the forum Hank426. Congratulations on the new 700se, that makes a team of Kodiaks in the stable.
Thanks. A pic of em


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Nice! Going to install an LED light and rear passenger seat like the ones on the 05 Kodiak SE?
Probably, along with skid plates and a winch. That little 9" led light bar is like the sun when I use it. ;) I do like the handle bar light on the new kodiak. It's helpful in the woods at night.
congrats on the 700se!

are the 500se seat comfortable? are you going to do the same for the 700se?
Light bars generally are extremely bright but that's what we like them for. Even though the new Kodiak already has a headlight, you can never have too many led light bars. :grin2:
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