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Just picked up a 2018 Kodiak 700 SE in tactical black, only had 10 hrs and 50 mi on it, like new with plow, otherwise stock.

I was looking for a Kodiak for a few months, needed a work ATV for my second home in the woods and these seem to be one of the best ones on the market.
Main work uses are for plowing the driveway and hauling wood back to the house. I live right on state game lands so lots of trips into the woods.:)

Little concerned now that I'm reading about the 708 Subaru engines, hope I got a good one??

Only "issues" so far are I have a rattling noise from the exhaust, think a heat shield but not seeing anything , and it seems to want to jump into reverse when taking it out of park into D from time to time.
Looking to do the Intake and tuner mods so its not running as hot\lean.


Nice snow squall in the middle of May :oops:


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2016 Yamaha Kodiak 700 base model
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Welcome to the site. Just remember that usually all you read is from owners that have had a problem with their Kodiak, engine or other parts. Most that never have a problem will never seek out these forums and you will never hear from them.
On the valve adjustment it is up to you. I believe that most on here will not worry about it since it is labor intensive to remove everything that is required to access them. One member on here got a quote from a dealer and it was scary on what it cost to do. But you have to look at all the plastics that have to be removed to access the valves.

On the shift lever wanting to jump into reverse, it could be a simple adjustment. I have had zero problems with mine.

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Most that never have a problem will never seek out these forums and you will never hear from them.
I second ya on that.
Ive had my 2018 708 for 2 years.
400 hours and no problems other than, preventable things. (Like if you ride in the hot summer all day, and come racing down a mountain. Dont go park in a creek up to your ankles, until it cools:eek:)

Welcome to the site!

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Welcome PA Kodiak. Very nice quad there. We have two 2016 700's with the 708 and both run strong and reliable. Oil changes, air filters, and lube are the only things we need to do to these machines.

I'm in Northwest PA in Warren County, where are you at?

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Welcome aboard PA! :)
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