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Hello all. Just picked up a 2016 base kodiak last night. Dealer threw a 2500lb kfi winch and mounting plate too which I will be putting on Monday when the mount comes in. I'm in western PA so I'll be using the kodiak to plow snow and for tail riding. Been looking around the forums for a week or so and seems like a great place with lots of good info.
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Welcome to the forum. Hope you can liven this site up a little! LOL Hope you find your Kodiak up for the tasks you have planned for it. I have had zero problems with mine but some in here aren't as lucky for some reason. I plow with mine and it works like new money unless the snow is real deep; it will plow it but have to make multiple passes which makes for more time plowing, but I have more time than anything else.
What kind of plow are you running on yours? I have been looking in to some but undecided so far.
Welcome to the forums and congratulations ! Be sure to post some pictures up :)
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