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Well, here I am the new kid on the forum ready to ask a few thousand questions, but not really.

My first ATV was a 89 Yamaha Big Bear 350. I ran that machine through thick and thin. Then in 2000 I picked up a Kodiak 400, this machine was night and day above that old Big Bear. I decided that it needed replacement when I discovered that I have possibly a broken ring on the piston. I'm getting a lot of oil into the air filter box from the breather. I'll tear into it this spring or sell it to a friend and tell him what I think is wrong with it. But for now I need it for snow plowing, and that is what he will use it for so he just may jump at the deal since it's value is very low and I actually wonder if it is worth fixing.

So now to today. I picked up a used 2016 Kodiak 700 right in front of the repo man. I couldn't pass up the deal but would of really liked to of picked up one with the power steering, but as I mentioned the deal was too good to pass up and even right now I think that I could sell it for more than I paid for it.

Right now I have taken it for a short ride and the power is quite impressive from someone that came from a 20 year old 400 machine but I do believe that I will enjoy it. Now on to asking questions and reading about some up grades.
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