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Hey everyone. I’m new here. And I’m a new owner. Never had an ATV before.
I’ve been out on numerous rides in groups now and have yet to ask anyone because we are busy maintaining trails and what not so I don’t interrupt.
My question is a difficult and long one.
My dealer refused to install signal/strobe/horn on my machine because he didn’t want to splice into harness and void any warranty.
So is there a way to provide a secondary rechargeable supply battery for strobes and battery and such kinda like my squad car where I can run additional systems on a battery without affecting car.

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You can add strobes and a horn no problem on the existing system without cutting any wires. The bike should have come with a Y wire in the bag with owners manual, use that plugged into the spare aux wire under the hood. Use a relay for your accessories, powered by the aux wire, then they are only powered when key is on, ace you can add a switch to control then, and a momentary switch for the horn.

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