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First 500 miles down and looking forward to many more. Purchased a 21’ EPS 700 back in early June. The Mrs and I were in discussion for weeks as the summer was closing in/in effect and with my past history years prior and her interest of going out riding we came to an agreement.

The pros:
Great power for a single rider. Even bigger guys. (I’m 6’1 260). More than enough power with a passenger. If more is needed, you’re probably in a situation that you shouldn’t have a passenger on the back anyway.
There’s enough here for the price with the EPS model to keep the weekend warrior happy. I have a friend who has a 16’ SE Kodiak that made the remark that the standard EPS model now has everything that he paid extra for.
Piece of mind/Reliability.
Yamaha reliability so far has not let me down. Currently still have a 99’ Big Bear 350 parked next to my Kodiak that was purchased new with more miles on it than most cars on the road. I’ve been an owner of an 01’ Raptor 660, 87’ Banshee and 01’ YZ 250 that have all given me the same results. Bulletproof. So far the Kodiak fires up without hiccups, engages 4wd and locks the diff responsively, and overall just keeps me feeling confident while out on the trail alone knowing I have a solid machine that will do what I ask of it.

All black plastic pieces seem to be a little brittle. I’ve already encountered cracks and snapped pieces on a few skid pieces and even the thick foot wells from minor impacts. I will say though, OEM replacements are pretty cheap.
I’d consider my factory tires after 500 miles close to cooked. They leave a lot to be desired in the performance category and an upgrade is needed. I will say, I have yet to experience a pinch or puncture even in the sharp rock terrain here in Coal Region Pennsylvania.

Outside of browsing and helping others, I’m hoping I don’t need to post here much. So far what I’ve seen in these first 500 miles I shouldn’t have an issue and will be able to report back next year with 1,000 on the ticker. For anyone on the fence about making the purchase, just do it. 6 months in and I still get that gitty feeling when a leg get thrown over the machine and we spend a day on the trail.

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