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Mushy Suspension?

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Hello All,

I was wondering how the new Kodiak feels on the trails. Previous 450's (my wife's) and even the Grizz could feel a bit mushy in the front end when turning. Just wondering stability wise how it feels out in the real world. I'm looking at buying a new Kodiak SE or a Can am 570 XT. Only $300 apart. Kodiak SE with winch and hand warmers vis 570 with hand warmers. Both are new to the market in 2016 and a risk!!

I had a 2009 Grizz but rolling down a 60' embankment has written it off!

I drove the 2016 Kodiak SE in the dealership parking lot but it doesn't tell you much at that location.

Just asking for some feedback from those who have put some Km's on their new Kodiak's. If any of you previously owned a Grizzly I would love to know your opinion on the differences. Maintenance wise my Grizz had been bulletproof and I have really enjoyed it.

Thanks for your time.
Hoping to join this group with a new Kodiak if feed back is positive!

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hey man welcome to the boards... true difficult to feel in the parking lot... how did the nose feel under hard braking, did you feel like it was really diving...
I wasn't commenting on the new Kodiak. My wifes 2012 Kodiak 450 feels mushy on turns, specially when going down hill. This new machine, I know is totally different, I was wondering how the 2016 units feel out on the trails. I am 90% sure I'm going to buy one but wanted to hear from guys that have already purchased a new one and could comment on their performance.

They look like a great machines, there just aren't enough comments on them by riders yet. I was hoping someone who has one that has put on some miles trail riding could give some info on their experience with their new rides. Like do they feel tippy? How does the suspension feel over rocks or going fast over potholes. Can't find that out in a dealership parking lot. With the heavier clutch does it still have good jam starting out? I live in a mountainous area, has anyone seen what it can do going up long steep trails?
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