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Just wanted to give a shoot out to Wade (aka, WhiskeyMike) for the outstanding work that he did. He Milled down my two sheaves on both of our 2 Kodiak 700's. His skill set allowed him to mill down the sheaves without any issues. Wade is very knowledgeable on Grizzlies and this afforded him the opportunity to look inside the Kodiak 700 cvt, which according to him is just like the Grizzly 700. Wade milled down the sheaves 3 mm, you can definitely see the difference in the pics. Upon completion he even did the ratio count (unfortunately I forgot to take a pic, maybe he'll chime in with the ratio), if not he wrote them down inside and I'll post them later. Wade even went as far as to powder coat the modified exhaust tips that I made. He does some very professional work, I'm not sure how much more he wants to do, PM him and see what he tells you. Again thanks for the work, it really made a difference on the lower end, it has that immediate punch as you hit the throttle, I can't wait till I get the parts form JBS to finish up the clutch work (all that shitty weather out in West Virginia is slowing down shipping) but I'm sure when everything comes together this will be one tough contender. Thanks again Wade, outstanding job...Disregard the dust on tips, after all we did have to ride them when he finished.


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