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Maxxis Ceros Review

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I was sort of disappointed in the traction of the Maxxis oem tires that came on my Kodiak 700. After reading good reports on the Maxxis Ceros on some farm forums and on a few other atv forums, I bought some back tires to try them out. I was impressed by the traction and smooth ride of the Ceros, so I purchased the front tires for a complete set. The 6 ply Ceros have done very well for me so far on the farm and trail riding. These tires are not designed for deep mud, which I don't do anyway. The tread consists of larger blocks, reminds me of some all terrain/off road truck tires I have seen. I like the Ceros for their traction, smooth ride, good steering in sharp turns and they are easy on the grass turf. I would buy them again. This review is just my opinion based on my use.

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Good choice, always helps to go for something that's rated for more than what you need.

Hopefully someone here that plans on going into deep mud get a set and drop us some feedback.
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