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Majestic Trails - Rew, PA

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Does anyone ride here? It is the closest public ATV trail I have, about 1.5 hours away.
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We do have riders here but I don't think any of them are from Pennsylvania if that is what you're wondering. Are you looking for more atv trails?
I am from Western NY, about half way between Rochester and Buffalo. Majestic is the closest ATV Public trail to me that I am aware of for ATVs. Just curious if there was any local owners.
I have been looking through a list of ATV trails in Ontario through Google search. I'm thinking of using this more at the cottage. Obviously Toronto isn't the best for ATV trails, but I also have been trying to find some trails around that are fun as well.
Took a look on google map and there doesn't seem to be much around you. If you want better trails you'll have to travel a bit father to the Allegheny National Forest vicinity.
Has to be some alternative close by, i'm lucky enough to have a friend with a lot of acres of land to play with on his property :D
My family farmed until I was 6, in 89'. Stopped farming but kept the property. We have almost 350 acres for riding. (except now - Hunting - I don't hunt but family does) The trails I mentioned are in the Allegheny area. I found a few small places (2) close, old posts on the internet - not sure if there active. Going north into Canada is a option too.

Want to go Majestic in PA, Hatfield Mccoy in West Virginia or north to Ontario.
I have been breaking my machine in along the shoulder of the local roads, going around the blocks, 3,5,11 miles at a time.

Need the wheeler ready to work at end of hunting season.
You can try Tall Pines or demon Run. Not sure about anything near the border.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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