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What year? There's many different generations of each model.

First Gen big bear was in 1987, 350, air cooled, dual range Hi/ Low, 5 speed, solid axle, full time 4wd. Few years later the larger 400 Kodiak was introduced with all the same basic features as the Big Bears. Later, single range SE big bear models were introduced as well as 2wd versions.
Later Gens of Big bear are 400 air cooled motor with a single range manual 5 speed transmission with Rear independent suspensions and push button 4wd.
Also Yamaha made the 350 Bruin (Canada), and 350 Grizzly SRA (US) as a low budget, solid axle, automatic with single range, and push button 4wd. 2wd versions of these were also made.

In 1998 to 2001 the Grizzly 600 air cooled, 4 valve heads, with a carburetor. These were , dual range automatics, with solid rear axles. Push button 4wd.

2002 to 2007 introduced the grizzly 660, liquid cooled, carbureted with 5 valve heads. These had dual range automatics and was the first Gen available with independent rear suspension. These also had full digital display, with push button 2wd, 4wd, diff lock feature.

2007 to 2015 Grizzlys where update to 700 (also 550 in 2009) with liquid cooled, single cam, 4 valve heads, and fuel injection. (558 and 686cc motors). This all new chassis saw the introduction of the first ever powersteering in 2007. The 2014 and 2015 models received revised suspension, and updated 686 engines.

2016 introduced a completely new, larger Gen of Grizzlys with the new fuel injected 708 dual cam motors.

From 2000 to 2015 (I think?) Kodiak 400 and 450 (sold in Canada). Grizzly 400 and 450 ( sold in the US) are the same bikes but rebadged for their intended markets. They are liquid cooled engine with dual range automatic cvt style transmissions. Push button 4wd. The 450 received full digital display and diff lock feature. I believe the 400 became single range (no low range) in 2004? In 2005 independent rear suspension was introduced to these models. In 2011 powersteering was available. The newer 2018 Kodiak 450 ( US and Canada) are now fuel injection without diff lock feature.

2016 introduced the larger framed Kodiak 700, dual cam, fuel injection engines, available in Base, EPS and SE models.(US and Canada).

2019 new revised 700 Grizzly / Kodiak are now powered by the older style single cam 686cc engines.

Others can probably add much more info on the subject,, this is just a quick overview from the top of my head covering the later more common generation of bikes.
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