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Hello fellow Kodiak owners!
First timer here...Question...

I'm an avid ice angler in WI with a 2016 Kodiak 700. This offseason I've installed some Rhino Boxes on the Back and Front Racks of my ATV.

My concern is the accessibility of the battery after a "close call" last winter in which my ATV barely cranked over after a long cold day on the ice.

I've purchased a NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starter but based on the front Rhino Box mount, sliding out the access panel and making connections to jump (should I need to in the future) is cumbersome and, with cold hands, time consuming.

I was thinking about how I could run some capped access wires from the battery to a more accessible location should I need a quick jump without having to remove the box or access panel.

Has anyone run something similar on their machine? Open to recommendations, photos, etc.>

The 2018/19 ice season is approaching an would like to rig something for piece of mind and efficiency. Thanks for your help!


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You only need to run a positive line out to somewhere that you can access it such as the rear of the machine and then use the frame for the ground. If you want to get fancy you could use the same type of terminal hookup that Warn uses on their remote winch hookups.

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If you run a battery cable from the battery you should look into installing a re-settable circuit breaker on the lead somewhere near the battery.
That way if the wire ever gets pinched it won't burn your bike.

I re-wired my power port to constant 12v for charging ease.

Something like that could work in a pinch for jump starts if you ran a large enough wire to it.

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Chose to not overthink things and just purchase the GBC007 Boost Eyelet Cable w/X-Connect Adapter to connect to my
GB20 Boost Starter.

Goal will be to keep the adapter accessible yet out of the way once wired in, and most importantly to maintain the Boost Pack during the ice outings so the power is there should I need it at the end of the trip.

Thanks again for the responses guys!


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