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Kodiak 700 Crowned Utility ATV Of The Year

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Rising above the other 2016 model year utility ATVs, the Kodiak 700 was crowned ATV.Com’s “Utility ATV Of The Year” for 2015.
ATV.Com’s editor compared it to other 2016 utility vehicles like the; Honda FourTrax Foreman, Can-Am Outlander 850 XT, and the Can-Am OutlanderMAX 850 XT. In the end they still picked this impressive ATV after taking it for a ride into the mountains of Tennessee. What’s also interesting is that the users themselves gave the Kodiak 700 a perfect rating while nobody took the time to do so for the 2016 Grizzly. Says a lot about model inspired loyalty.

So why was the Kodiak 700 picked?

One reason is the ergonomics. That seat is actually a little slimmer in the middle to make the ATV easier to handle and with this smaller seat, getting on and off the Kodiak won’t be a problem. This makes up for the lower slung handlebars that are a tad uncomfortable for those of you who are tall and like to stand on their ATVs.

It wasn’t just the seating position that brought the award home, the Kodiak 700 was just a great combination of value, reliability and performance. For a lot less than its competition, you’ll get an affordable, durable and hardworking utility ATV that can handle and rock filled or rutted trail you can throw at it.

Maybe those who are still deciding on which utility ATV to get will choose the Kodiak 700 instead of a Can-Am or a Honda.
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Had a feeling that would be the case, ever since its release that's what journalists were raving about making it a good work toy for a wide range of riders. Chances are they seen poor ergo's acted as a road block, now they give potential owners one more strong reason.
I guess this means we did a heck of a job researching our choices and chose the best one!
I've mentioned before, I went to my dealer intending to buy a '16 Grizzly, rode it and the Kodiak back to back to back for 30 minutes and ended up buying the Kodiak.

It's just better.
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