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Hi any help would be appreciated I have a yamaha kodiak 450 2018, it recently started misfiring and would act like it has a rev limiter on. So I gave the bike a full service and checked the valve clearances and they were slightly out so adjusted and tried again to the bike doing the same thing. I sent the bike into the main dealer and they had a look and are stumped. They have checked,
compression, engine timing checked, valve clearances checked again, coil checked and tested with no shorts to ground, the ecu was swapped from a know good machine, the inlet side was checked for leaks and none found.
The laptop was plugged in and all sensors checked and all read ok. The only thing they can see is the mass air flow sensor reads abnormal above 4000rpm so they swapped the whole throttle body with all the sensors left on from another known good quad but no different. They also swapped all the fuel system over which also didn’t change nothing.
I can only now think it’s either a crack position sensor fault, a CDI fault or a damaged loom somewhere.

any help would be much appreciated
Kind regards Callum.
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