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Hey all. New to the forum as I've been scouring the internet and previous posts for info on my 450.
I've found theres a lot of similarities between the 700 and 450, however I'm at a loss for installing my Symtec Grips.
The directions say to splice in to a keyed 12v and ground line. The 700 has different wiring as my lines coming from the ignition are red/ brown/ brown & blue. Im unsure which line I need and hesitant when it comes to electrical in the first place.
Its getting cold in Alaska and I'm looking forward to keeping my hands warm

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You can use a voltage prob with a very sharp point to check which wire is hot. I would then use a dab of silicone on the hole that was just made to keep moisture out of it.

On the ground I doubt that you need a key on source for that, all I have ever done is to just wire it to the ground post of the battery. The only other thing that I would look at is using a relay for the power to the grips. While they don't draw that many amps it is always better to be safe than sorry..

As for splicing into that keyed on source, once you find the wire that you want to splice into the quick and easy is to use a wire tap connector. This just clamps around the wire and you then insert the new wire into its slot in the connector. You then just push the connecting metal down into place and bend over the top cap.

A better way would be to cut the wire and then use solder to connect the new wire along with heat shrink to seal it up.

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Doesn't the 450 Kodiak have the same 12V accessory plug and also use the same connectors to buy the add on pigtail that all the Kodiak and Grizzly 700s use? If so, that is what should be used. The 12V accessory plug is key switched already.

Ignition Power Harness Part Number: #5km-86171-00-00
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