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New guy here. Live in southern Lapeer County MI. Just bought a barely used 2016 Kodiak 700 (base model) for chores around my property and general usage. The rig is essentially brand new. Previous owner said he had approximately one tank of fuel through it and only used for ice fishing in 2015-2016 on the lake behind his house. No dirt roads, no mud, no trail rides, garage stored... it shows. There isn't a nick, scratch, gouge on this bike.... it is almost brand new and I feel like I got a smokin' deal.

Anyway... I am in my early 40's and haven't owned an ATV since I was 18. Things have come a long ways since then. I have only had this bike for 24 hours but have clocked a few hours riding it. I have noticed a few things and have a few questions.

I will try and keep this as short as possible, but I tend to be long winded.

1) After riding it for a few hours I noticed there is an odd knocking sound coming from the clutch housing at my right foot. Noticeable more at low RPM and at speed when the brake is applied to go into a tight turn. Sounds like a "clatter" or slapping of sorts. Seems odd to me and I don't feel like it's a nice noise. I am hoping the bike doesn't have issues. Many on the grizzly forums say this noise is normal, but it just doesn't sound right to me on a bike that is almost new. Thoughts?

2) We get quite a bit of snow in this area. Thinking of pulling the trigger on a Warn provantage winch/plow set up. Any reason to get anything bigger than a 2500lb winch? Probably just going to stick with a 54" blade. Would like some opinions from those that have the provantage winch and plow set up. Is there a good reason to consider another brand? I have a warn on my 2016 Ram power wagon and like it. I would also like to install a short belt on the winch for plow duty. I don't want to break the cable while using the plow in a snowstorm. Links to threads on this???

3) Hour meter?? Which one should I go with? Yamaha? I could care less about RPM and a speedo. Just need something to keep track of maintenance. That's it...

4) Service manual - Where can I buy one? or is there a PDF? I plan on changing all the fluids in this bike asap as I have no clue how many hours are on it. Based on what the previous owner said, something between 5-10 hrs since new. I would like to start fresh. Not thrilled about giving the local dealer my checkbook so I plan on doing all maintenance, winch install, and everything else myself. I am mechanically inclined and have a bunch of tools (air and manual). No worries there unless there are special tools needed to work on this quad. I use Amsoil synthetic in all my vehicles/mowers etc and unless someone tells me differently, the Kodiak will get Amsoil fluids throughout.

I appreciate all the responses. Based on my reading lately, this forum seems to have quite a few knowledgeable folks.


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I can't help you on the knocking but I installed a 54" Provantage Plow on my Kodiak a couple of weeks ago. The install wasn't that bad but the instructions from Warn are some of the worst that I have ever seen. I had to grind a couple of notches in the mounting plate to get my bumper back on and enlarge 2 mounting bolt holes. I didn't send it back just for the reason I knew that I could deal with it in less than 1/2 a hour. Other than that I like it a lot. One thing is that if you order one also get the pulley block that attaches to the plow frame. This will allow you to raise and lower the blade a lot easier than what they have designed if you don't get one.

Here is a quick write up that I did on my install.


On the hour meter if you don't care for the rest of the doodads then just get one that you like to mount somewhere that you can read it when you want to. I myself purchased a Trail Tech Striker digital gauge set and installed it on my base unit.

Here is the write up that I did on that. The pictures are missing due to Photo Bucket's new policy. I'll post some thumbnails that you can click on and look at at the end of this post.


For a manual I had a hard time finding one that was in PDF form but picked up one on CD off of Ebay. It is quite good and pages can be printed off of it.

You will also find that you don't have any CV boot guards or rear receivor. These can be purchased from the dealer if you like and bolted right on with no problems. Just look up parts for the SE model.


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Jim.. Thanks for the detailed response and the links. I appreciate it. I will take a looks at your suggestions as time permits. Still a bit worried about the knocking sound. Hoping that if I change the oil and remove the factory stuff, the clattering might go away. It may be overdue for it's first service. Not sure.

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I get that clutch noise too when I'm ridin hard and lock the brakes up especially going down a hill. My old Polaris 570 made that noise all the time and I know it was normal for them. Nothin to worry about, your not alone, congrats on the purchase
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