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Just made my plunge into the KODIAK 700!

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Hello, KODIAK owners, I myself have finally purchased a base model this weekend. I have not taken it riding yet due to a couple of issues. 1) I was wanting to install an odometer, does anybuddy have any suggestions? 2) Is there anything I should check and do before taking her out on her 1st trails? this weekend coming up? Any info is greatly appreciated,1st new atv I ever owned. Thank You
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Welcome to the forum. I don't have any recommendation on an odometer other than if you are only installing one for keeping track of how far you have gone in a given ride, I would take the money and buy a Garmin GPS and a RAM mount and install an ATV trail map available online. You can plug the GPS into DC power and it will give you all the information you could ask for. Now if you want to keep a running total, thats a different story. Heat cycle the motor a couple of times, then go out and ride it. Don't baby it.
I hate to ask a newbie question but how should I heat cycle the motor?
Congrats on your new Base Kodiak rcnrabbit !

First, the heat cycle for an engine is when you operate it and allow it to reach the optimal temperature and then shut it off and allow it to completely cool down.That is one heat cycle.Without a temperature gauge you can tell it's up to the temperature after the fan kicks in a couple times.

There are few options out there for aftermarket gauges, check out trailtech.net IMO they're the best bang for the buck. You can go ahead and take it out for a ride, just use the timer feature on your phone and keep track of hours running. That's for maintenance on the bike.

On this subject, anybody out there knows or has an online coupon code for trail tech web site?
Thanks for all the info ROLLIN
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