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Just bought 2016 Kodiak eps Se

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New member here. I love this machine especially the size compared to the grizz. I can get in much tighter spots and feel its got plenty of pep for my 43 year old frame. Love it
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Welcome to the forums and congratulations ! Have you made any changes or plan on making any changes to it ?

What other ATV's where you looking at before deciding to get the Kodiak? The market is growing like crazy.
Awesome and congrats!
Keeftea, I have over two decades on you and I certainly don't need to go fast. I left that behind me many years ago when I got rid of my 66 GTO that I bought in kind of a second child hood episode. LOL My oldest son and my daughter both had to take the Kodiak on the county blacktop that runs in front of the house and see how fast it will run (63 mph), but not me.
Congratulations Keeftea. Ride safe and have fun!
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