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Awesome skids from Iron Baltic

I have Iron Baltic Skids in hdpe on 2 machines now.

The Kodiak install was the first. I ran Arctic Cat machines for 12 years and they were stock with HDPE glides so when I got my 2012 550 Grizzly I bought the Yamaha glide for the machine, HDPE is so slick compared to aluminum. In fact if you're on rocks there's no comparison.

Yamaha didn't offer a glide for the Kodiak so I sprung for the Iron Baltic skids. They are without a doubt the best engineered, fabricated and easy to install accessory I've ever added to an ATV.

I was so impressed that I have now pulled the accessory glide and ricochet A-arm protection off and replaced it all with Iron Baltics kit for my 2012 Grizzly 550. Great company to deal with and great customer service! Don't be concerned about the location of the company these folks are clearly top flight and provide an impressive array of ATV accessories. Most geared to the Nordic environment that they're close too.

Ask if you have more questions.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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