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Indicator Display on the Kodiak

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Before most of us get to see these in person, here's a look at the indicator display all lit up, very simple and to the point:

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I wonder if you can upgrade from the base package to the lcd display and headlight later down the road for those of use that didn't want to spend the extra cash when purchased. I would like to upgrade mine in the future and wonder and hope if it would just be plug n play?
Not sure, I took a looks at a picture of the SE display for comparison and you're going to have to replace the whole head unit and I'm not quite sure how you would wire it.

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I don't see any aftermarket displays yet but if it's a concern, you can try asking your dealership if they can order a OEM display in the future and wire it in.
Before most of us get to see these in person, here's a look at the indicator display all lit up, very simple and to the point:

How would you track mileage and hours?
You don't. To get that nice instrument cluster you'll need to go for the EPS or EPS SE model.
I assume people with the base model will carry around extra fuel in case they run low because there is a fuel indicator, just doesn't tell you how much you have left.
I will be at the deaer next weekend and will talk to them, you can get the complete head unit with lcd display and head for around 350$ Oem. Go to Babbitts online parts:+1:
$350 is a lot cheaper than what I was expecting. Was thinking more around the $500-$1k range. Just a matter of installation then.
Not a bad price for this to be at, just about what I was thinking it should be.
I will be making some proto Lic Plate holders for the kodiak and grizzly that mount to the rear brake light. In idaho we can plate our atv and run on all county roads and highways posted at 45 mph and under, not sure what other states allow this but will post a pic of proto powder coated in the wrinkle black like the racks this next weekend. If anyone is interested in a rear plate holder I'll have them for 20$ in your choice of color:+1:
Aftermarket gauges

I also have the base model and to be honest I only care to keep track of hours/miles for maintenance purposes. I've been looking at the trail tech digital gauges and I could't find a direct recommendation from them but they have a few kits that fit a 2016 Grizzly. Like http://www.trailtech.net/752-2010 is a nice gauge kit with more than enough bells and whistles and at $140 it tempts me >:)

There are a few details as the ID of the coolant hose and the mounting of the speed pick up sensor that I'm not sure of but one customer service rep at Trail tech said they have a lot of inquires about the 2016 Kodiak and they will probably do a "fitment" for they products soon
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