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I don't know if there was some bad juju or what . . . but Sunday was quite the adventure on the trails.

I met up with my friends and club members Anthony, Jr. and Rose and made an uneventful ride to Pittsfield where Jr. attempted to unload his ATV only to find it wouldn't turn over. We imagined the worse . . . until Jr. discovered the kill switch was on. Ooops.

So we turn on to the trail and literally don't even go a mile when BAM!!!! I hit something hard . . . never saw any thing . . . but all seems good so I keep going. Get to the next intersection and stop . . . whereupon I realize a) Tony is no longer behind me and b) my rear tire is quickly going flat.

I turn back and discover Tony has hit the same hidden rock and has a flat front. Meanwhile my rear tire is now flat . . . and a front tire is now going flat.

Rose hits the same rock and through luck or great skill manages to keep her machine from flying into the pucker brush . . . but it leaves a nice dent in the rim which leads to the tire slowly leaking air the rest of the day.

I fix my tires with some borrowed plugs from Tony and Rose and all seems good with my tires other than it looking a bit Frankenstein-looking with a total of seven plugs sticking out.

Ironically enough it was on this very same trail several years ago that Tony had a puncture and flat that required something along the lines of 17 tire plugs -- that tire didn't look very pretty, but the plugs held that day to get him home.

Anthony works to get his tire fixed, but finally has to concede defeat.

Now at this point I will neither confirm nor deny that Tony and I may have broken the Man Code and ridden double to get him back to his truck. There were no pictures . . . and no proof.

I head back to join Rose and Jr. and BAM!!! Curse words follow . . . I hit the same #@^% rock! No damage this time around though.

Tony and I mark the rock with orange flagging tape. I try to wedge a stick in the ground in front of the hidden rock, but the ground is too hard. I find part of a rusty kid's wagon in the pucker brush and put it on the rock and attach the flagging tape to that . . . it isn't pretty, but I hope folks might not hit the same rock.

Jr., Rose and I head north without Tony . . . although we later stop for a lunch break and learn that Tony has returned home, removed his tire, fixed his tire, returned to the trail head and is now quickly catching up to us.

Incidentally Jr. and Rose are great to ride with since they pack enough food to feed a small army. I packed nothing to eat or drink other than a single Moxie which is now warm. Fortunately Tony left his sandwich behind. It was a delicious sandwich . . . even tastier since it was Tony's sandwich (I should mention that he told me earlier to eat it.)

We continue to ride to Greenville to gas up . . . and maybe 20 or 30 minutes later Tony shows up. I checked his Polaris all over to see if maybe it's a rally car since I was rather impressed with how quickly he caught up to us . . . especially when you figure in the drive home, time to make the repair and drive back.

So we're heading back home . . . me . . . I'm hoping to make it back before dark . . . when Tony and I stop and realize Jr. and Rose are no longer behind us. Shortly thereafter we get a phone call -- Jr.'s ATV is now overheating with the fan not kicking on.

We return and after trying a few simple fixes Tony attaches a two strap and we tow Jr. a few miles to the Harmony Store. We leave Rose and the overheated ATV . . . Jr. borrows Rose's ATV and we put the thumb to the throttle to get back to Pittsfield.

On the way back we see three kids . . . well teens . . . if I had to hazard a guess I might think they are Chinese exchange students going to school at MCI. They are all huddled around the orange flagged rusty wagon (or what little remains of it since there was pretty much only a wheel and a bit of metal). They are pointing at it and taking pics.

Tony stops and tells them we placed it there due to the rock. He later admits that he messed up and should have told them it was a bear trap.

Me . . . I head home.

Tony and Jr. head north to retrieve the ATV and Rose . . . not necessarily in that order.

All in all . . . it was an adventure . . . and not a bad ride.

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Those are the trips memories are made of... not necessarily good memories, but memories...

On the kill switch thing: If I had a dollar for every time I've had to go into the woods and rescue a snowmobile or ATV my father abandoned there because it died and he couldn't get it restarted, only to find out that he inadvertently nudged the kill switch, I'd have, well, several dollars...
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