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How Yamaha Keeps the Kodiak User Friendly

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We know the 2016 Yamaha Kodiak is geared towards hunters and farmers, but being based on the far sportier Grizzly how did Yamaha ensure the Kodiak is ideal for the tasks at hand?

The 708cc engine splits duty between the Grizzly and Kodiak. The Mikuni 44 mm throttle body and dual overhead cams provide more then enough grunt at the bottom to get up that hill or tow that load.

Start up is low in tone thanks to a different exhaust, which is ideal when working around animals, even more so when cruising to your favorite hunting blind hoping to stay undetected.

The CVT transmission allows the motor to deliver its torque smooth and linear. Yamaha actually added extra weight to the existing clutch weights in order to drop RPM even lower.

The lower and rounded seat make mounting and dismounting less of a chore, excellent for the farmer or rancher whos on and off the machine doing chores.

Starting at $6,199 this is one piece of quality equipment!
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does it feel hesitant because of the extra clutch weights?
You won't be doing any wheelie's with it. I rode a 2009 Grizzly 700 before getting a Kodiak 700, The clutch weights do reduce the snap off the line when on the throttle, however it smoothly accelerates and gets very fast. Its designed for hunting and working. I'm very happy with its performance. At the end of the day, if someone buys a Kodiak 700 and isn't happy with its acceleration off the line, they could buy and install a clutch kit for a grizzly and then you would have the same engine and performance of a grizzly.
I've heard about the seat before along with how much more slim of a package it is in comparison to the Kodiak which helps make it appeal to a wider range of people... great since just about anyone that needs it for work or play should find it suitable.
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