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Had a problem with starter on my Kodiak 700. Replaced starter, but I now have other other electric problems. I replaced the starter relay because it was making a "chattering" noise. I cant get this problem to the shop right now, so my real question is, can I straight wire the battery, through a switch, to the starter without destroying anything else. That $800 wire harness is something I don't want to do.

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Most times when a relay is chattering it is because of too low of a voltage to hold it in.

Also relays are designed to pass a higher current to a part such as the starter and is controlled by a low current wire. So you would need to find a switch that would handle the current of the starter, which will be quite a few dollars along with the proper size wire from the battery that is fused.

How much voltage is the battery putting out when you try to start? It should stay above 10 or 11 volts, if not I would suspect the battery.

Where did you get your starter relay? Some are being manufactured and sold on Amazon that have the wiring backwards as far as how to connect them.
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You might want to check out your starter switch? The push button on your bars; Apparently they are robust and weather proof? But if it has dirt or corrosion on the contacts, it could cause the relay chattering effect? I had a motorcycle that had a similar problem, it was dirty contacts in the push button starter switch.
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