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Highlifter Lift

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I am thinking about putting a Highlifter Signature Series 2 inch lift kit on my Kodiak. I am wondering if it will affect the way it will drive? I didn't know if it will cause slack in the steering or not. Thanks
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I have the 2in high lifter lift in my 2016 kodiak and it makes the stock cv's click so its not the best for your ride. It also makes the ride a lot stiffer. Best of luck !!!
Waste of money in my opinion. Just asking for trouble .
Shouldn't cause slack in the steering but it will put your cv's at a greater angle increasing the chance for them to break especially if you are running bigger tires.
ive been running the highlifter 2" lift since i purchased my bike , rides fine and got 13.5 inches of ground clearance on 26"s
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